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"Excellent notifications of jobs and was able to be hired by two schools. Thank you for all your help to a gal who is new in Maine."
Mary M. in Harrison, ME

"Thank you SchoolSpring for helping me find my dream job!"
Erin C. in Saco, ME

"Love the SchoolSpring site for applying for jobs. It's quick, easy, extremely user friendly, and leads to getting a position. I recommend it to anyone looking for employment in the education field."
Gregory H. in Saco, ME

"I was hired as an ELL teacher. This is my first full-time teaching position and I am so excited! Thank you SchoolSpring!"
Joel P. in Portland, ME

"Great site, easy to navigate with up to date listings. So happy I found and my new job!"
James C. in Auburn, ME

"Thank you to SchoolSpring for making it so easy to apply for jobs!"
Amy T. in Auburn, ME

"I am pleased to say that I have been hired to be the next teacher in a multi-age one-room schoolhouse. This is my dream job and definitely worth all the job hunting these past two years!"
Jan K. in Sebago, ME

"Thank you SchoolSpring for helping me as an educator find a place for me."
Amy T. in Auburn, ME

"I applied for quite a few positions through SchoolSpring. It was such a smooth and clear process! SchoolSpring is such an amazing way to apply for jobs in education and really helps to get the ball rolling. Thank you so much!"
Rebecca S. in Portland, ME

"I LOVE my job and I thank SchoolSpring for posting it and leading me to it."
Alison W. in Maine

"SchoolSpring is the best way to find a job. People are very polite, friendly and precise in helping you all the way through finding work. I would recommend SchoolSpring to anyone looking for a job!"
Shelly M. in Lewiston, ME

"Using SchoolSpring was a very easy way to apply for jobs and set up interviews, once I got my account set up. The account set up took a good week to complete but it was worth it."
Kathleen T. in Cape Elizabeth, ME

"SchoolSpring is AWESOME!"
Elizabeth K. in York, ME

"I was extremely impressed with how easy SchoolSpring was when applying for positions not posted on SchoolSpring! Thank you so much for this great tool!"
Meredith R. in Calais, ME

"I was offered and have accepted a 2/3 multi grade classroom position. The SchoolSpring application process was great and so easy to use :)"
Lori B. in Lewiston, ME

"Thanks for the e-book. I hope to use SchoolSpring in the future even though my new job was not found through this site, I do think it is a great system."
Gabriela M. in Jefferson, ME

"I didn't use SchoolSpring for this position. I would have loved it if [the employer] used SchoolSpring, but I'm sure glad I found a job."
Kimberley M. in Scarborough, ME

"I was able to find a school and job that I LOVE even before I moved thanks to SchoolSpring!"
Kerianne T. in Saco, ME

"I am so pleased! The first job I applied for I was offered! I am very happy and very satisfied. Thank you SchoolSpring!"
Jennifer G. in Fairfield, ME

"Thank you! This process was so easy once I entered my information online! It took a while to enter but after that it was great! Wish more schools in Maine used it. It was great to find a mid-year job!"
Angelique L. in Lewiston, ME

"Thank you SchoolSpring for facilitating my job search. I got the job I wanted!"
Susan J. in Wells, ME

"Thank you so much for opportunity to gain employment through your web site!"
Margaret P. in Auburn, ME

"I found my current position through SchoolSring. The posting was in my email and applying was as easy as clicking a few buttons."
Jeannette H. in Sanford, ME

"I loved getting the emails from SchoolSpring with new job listings and I also enjoyed being able to track when my application was being reviewed! Once the initial process of getting my information online was complete, applying for jobs on SchoolSpring was great because it was fast and simple! Thanks for making the job application process easier and less painful!"
Jennifer L. in Kennebunk, ME

"I got the job that was sent to me via the search agents that I set to be automatically sent to me."
Nancy S. in Kennebunkport, ME

"I went for my interview and was offered the job at the end if the day. This website is awesome!"
Nicole T. in Berwick, ME

"Thanks for your service."
Cheryl H. in Lebanon, ME

"Thanks for providing such an comprehensive job search resource! It is such a timesaver to not have to scour the web with keywords or check each district and school website individually. Thank you!"
LeAnnette G. in Springvale, ME

"SchoolSpring was pretty sweet, but it wasn't a factor in my job offer. Thanks, though."
Justin P. in Falmouth, ME

"Having all of my documents uploaded made applying for jobs so much more efficient. I only wish more schools would use SchoolSpring."
Cheryl L. in Lewiston, ME

"Don't give up - the right job is out there! While mine wasn't found through SchoolSpring, I did find several I wouldn't have otherwise here. "
Kirsten F. in Lewiston, ME

"Thank you very much for your valuable site!"
Sol K. in Topsham, ME

"Found my dream job in Kindergarten and will be happy if I can stay there for the rest of my career. Thank you for making this long and difficult journey a more accessible and succinct process."
Caitlin H. in York, ME

"Thank you for keeping me so well apprised of all job openings in my field! I also love the way that SchoolSpring keeps all of my information in one online place, ready to update and/or submit to a potential employer."
Carolyn M. in South Berwick, ME

"Once your information is online, the application process is so easy for new jobs. When I was applying for new jobs, all I had to do was change my cover letter some and submit my application. Scheduling interviews was nice through the site as well. Definitely saved me time and I didn't miss any application deadlines!"
Tiffany D. in Canton, ME

"Excellent experience. Great communication and follow-up. Well worth the effort."
Richard T. in South Berwick, ME

"I applied on SchoolSpring because I had recently moved to the area and within a few tries I landed the job of my dreams. I am now an ED-Tech at [my new employer] and I love the hours, the people, and the closeness to home. I am so thankful for this job and website!!!!"
Teresa E. in Windham, ME

"Your service was very helpful. Thanks."
David F. in Kennebunk, ME

"I got the job from a listing on SchoolSpring. Thanks!"
Hogan M. in Old Town, ME

"I found out about the opening on SchoolSpring and the rest is history. Thank you!"
Steven U. in Old Orchard Beach , ME

"SchoolSpring found me my job! They came up with more jobs than I was able to find by spending a LOT of time online! What a time saver! Every day there was a new report of available jobs! Thank you so much for being such a high-quality support for those of us in the nerve-racking position of hunting for a job!"
Kathryn C. in Unity, ME

"I got a temporary job as a teacher in a psychiatric hospital. That job became permanent when I signed my very first teacher contract over the summer! I LOVE my job! I like to keep getting the SchoolSpring job alert emails just to help my friends find jobs so they can be as happy as I am!"
April-Marie L. in Windham, ME

"Wow, what a fantastic resource. SchoolSpring was so easy to use and quickly returned some job possibilities immediately. I was referred to SchoolSpring and the very next day I was invited to interview for a job. The next day the job was offered to me and I accepted. I've been searching actively for over a year on my own. I've referred two of my friends who are a teacher and a librarian to your site and they hadn't heard of it yet. Thank you for this wonderful help just when I needed it."
Tracy M. in Eliot, ME

"Thanks for your help. You made job finding much easier."
Cynthia B. in Berwick, ME

"The alerts helped me keep on top of the job hunt and I was able to see postings in my area that I may have otherwise missed."
Holly P. in Casco, ME

"SchoolSpring has helped me find a couple of jobs and it has been a great career resource for me. Keep up the good work! :)"
Emily N. in North Berwick, ME

"Without your help I would not have seen this job opening. Being a Social Studies Teacher makes it even harder to find teaching jobs that are already dwindling. Thanks a lot for the service!"
Jordan L. in Norridgewock, ME

"I had been using SchoolSpring long before I graduated to search for a job. It helped me organize all of my information and raised my awareness of job availabilities. It was a difficult time to search for a job but after just graduating from college in May 2009 I was given a Spanish teaching job in my town."
Katie A. in Farmington, ME

"I got the job as Varsity Fall Cheering Coach thanks to SchoolSpring!! Thanks to this site I found the job I have always wanted!"
Alana T. in Biddeford, ME

"SchoolSpring really helped me get started... it really is a great site for teachers :)"
Courtney S. in Norridgewock, ME

"I found my "dream job" through you!! Thank you for your up-to-date and accurate postings! It's been a pleasure and quite rewarding to have worked with you!"
Sue S. in Westbrook, ME

"Thanks for all of your help! I found out about the job through you!"
Kristen K. in Maine

"I applied to a position online through SchoolSpring. Within 3 hours I was notified that they had opened my application and 40 minutes later received a request for an interview! I interviewed early in the morning and was offered the position that afternoon! Thank you for helping me find the exact position I was looking for!"
Angela M. in Lyman, ME

"Within days of signing in to SchoolSpring I had two interviews scheduled. I am recommending this job search program to all of my co-workers and friends looking for new jobs in teaching."
Michael M. in China Village, ME

"Thank you SchoolSpring for keeping me informed about current jobs related to my certifications. I am happy with my position at Waterboro Elementary School as the Computer Room Integrator. Once again thank you and keep up the good work."
Dorothy M. in Waterboro, ME

"Thank you SchoolSpring for handling all my documents in a professional manner. At my interview, the administrators were passing around my SchoolSpring Placement folder. I was impressed with how good it looked and how they seemed to be impressed with the organization of the file. I will definitely get back with for my next job search."
Christine S. in Saco, ME

"Thank you SchoolSpring. I had several job offers and got to chose the one I wanted."
Linda T. in Gorham, ME

"SchoolSpring has given me the opportunity to see openings that were available. It was extremely helpful to see the new postings everyday! Though I didn't get my job through SchoolSpring, it definitely kept the doors of opportunities wide open! Thank you!"
Janelle S. in Saco, ME

"SchoolSpring was terrific in helping me find a job. It took some time uploading my info, but from then on it was smooth sailing and easy to apply for jobs. I will definitely use it and recommend it in the future!"
Garrett G. in S. Paris, ME

"You sent me some links to check out and this was one of them. I sent over my resume and letter and got 3 letters of reference together last Monday. I heard from them Wednesday, went on an interview Thursday and started [the next Tuesday] on a trial basis. After interviewing three other applicants, I was offered the job! Thank you for sending me the info. I am happy I signed up with you. I will let my unemployed friends know about your website."
Barbara B. in South Berwick, ME

"I am very pleased with SchoolSpring! It is one of the primary reasons that I will be teaching in Vermont. It is so much easier to have my entire packet available online for prospective employers than to need to physically send out a packet for each application. Thank you very much, SchoolSpring!"
Robin B. in Farmington, ME

"I found this position during a point in the season when I thought I would have trouble and I wouldn't have found it without SchoolSpring."
Bethany J. in South Berwick, ME

"I found my dream job here. I am very pleased with SchoolSpring, and with my new job."
Aaron C. in Rockport, ME

"Your site makes job hunting and applying quick and easy! Thanks!"
Heather L. in North Berwick, ME

"SchoolSpring got me my first teaching job! It is remarkably easy to use and lets you save your resume and all your information so you just have to click to apply to multiple jobs."
Aaron E. in Portland, ME

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